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Here in Cmooon we strive to incorporate coding and graphic design in everything we create. The first result of this combination was our game FlyUp! Then we moved on to a more complex and innovative project which enhanced the daily use of smartwatches. That’s how Time Store came about. What else is going to emerge from the collaboration of the graphic designer with the programmer? We’ll see! However we can guarantee that these are not the only apps we will present to you. Be patient and you will be hearing more from us very soon!

Łukasz Olszewski


public class About {
     public static void main(String[] args) {
     System.out.println("Trust Me, I'm a Programmer");

Damian Patkowski

UI/UX Designer

I do what every designer does. It all started in 2008 if my memory doesn't fool me. At the beginning all things were not easy, but with the time goes the experience. I cannot say that I know everything because every day I'm learning new things.

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